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Our music moves you, our instructors motivate you!

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My ride: I love a couple of good speed and resistance drills equally as much as I do endurance songs pushing for one power goal. My class is about loosening up and having a little fun. You should leave as sweaty as you’ve ever been.


My musical alter ego: Florence & The Machine

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My ride: MK’s ride is designed to feel like you’re at a wild & sweaty party with old and new friends. The music is always bumpin’ and the collective energy is through the roof (or should I say the skylight?). You can bet we’ll work hard, drive up those miles & watts, and dance it out together.


My musical alter ego: Dua Lipa

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My ride: In Elena’s class, you'll ride, climb, sprint, and dance along to bangers of all genres and leave feeling powerful and proud with a smile on your face!


My musical alter ego: The holy trinity of Beyonce, Lizzo, and Janelle Monae

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My ride: Aly’s ride is a power ride. I’m known for my seated heavy climbs!


My musical alter ego: Halsey

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My ride: You can expect to dig deep on heavy climbs and sweat it out–resistance is distance in Hope’s class!

My musical alter ego: Taylor Swift

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My ride: If you aren't itching to sing and dance along during Hayley’s ride, turn up that resistance!


My musical alter ego: Miley Cyrus

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My ride: Jess’s ride will have you moving around the bike and digging deep with resistance! The music will help you push yourself forward and we'll cross that finish line together!


My musical alter ego: Paramore



My ride: Expect to dance in Mia's class! They come to party and you'll leave surprised at how hard you worked.


My musical alter ego: Nicki Minaj and Stevie Nicks



My ride: Marina invested in creating space for you to excel past your expectations, all while having a ton of fun in class. Coming from a marathon running background, she is driven by body mechanics, nutrition, and all details it takes to fuel your power. Marina seeks to usher individuals into leaving her class feeling empowered, strong & proud of their work on the bike with a smile to keep them beaming the rest of the day. 


My musical alter ego: Nelly Furtado

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Want to join our crew?

Reach out to for information on our hiring process!

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30-minute high-intensity interval training class. All that hard work of The Ride packed into a 30-minute express version!

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