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About Us

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Hi! I'm so glad you found us!

My name is Liza Ritter and I am the owner at Spynergy Wicker Park. I was inspired to open this studio because I grew up attending and teaching at my mom and aunt's studio, Spynergy Winnetka. It wasn't just a workout, it was always the highlight of my day. I loved the cameraderie, the ability to push yourself individually with the motivation of the greater group moving in unison to the music. 

Spynergy prides itself on offering our riders a mainstay beyond work and home - a third place to gather with friends and family to get their fitness fix for the day and feel inspired to tackle your wellness goals.

Whether riders come to train for a race or just to blow off steam, when at Spynergy you can find a community space to congregate for an awesome workout you crave, for the chance to listen to great music you love, and to feel supported by a circle of familiar faces you count on.  Our team of trusted, qualified, authentic instructors is dedicated to empowering riders of all levels to reach their wellness goals and redefine their capability with every ride – all while being accompanied by good spirits and stellar soundtracks.

We are a small business and every new rider and new member is exciting! We can't wait to meet you. Come as you are, leave a little lighter and brighter.

Meet you down the alley,


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